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administrative: archiving

i am archiving all fanwork on ao3 using the same username (wrennette). i doubt many people still look at these works, but all my fanworks based on fictional characters / persons will be archived at ao3 in future. any fanwork in those fandoms will be posted only at ao3. this includes visual as well as textual work. i am no longer writing in rps fandoms, but if i take it up again, those works will be posted here and only here, and as usual will only be available to my f'list.

you can find me on ao3 as wrennette



prettybird_icon is your place for icons by wrennette. most icons are related to the professional sports teams of boston massachusetts, the red sox (baseball), the bruins (hockey), the celtics (basketball), and the new england patriots (american football). there are various other graphics from television shows and movies we are fannish about as well. there are a few profile codes, textures, and hopefully, eventually, stylesheets (but don't hold your breath). feel free to look around!

+don't hotlink to graphics
+don't alter graphics
+please credit prettybird_icon


icons by wrennette
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